Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is a rare, non-cancerous and slow growing tumour that develops along the main nerve connecting your inner ear to your brain. The pressure resulting from the growth of the tumour may cause hearing loss, ringing in your ears (also known as tinnitus), and a loss of balance.

Tinnitus Coping Strategies

Do you ever notice that sometimes you hear sounds such as a ringing, buzzing, chirping or humming but there is no external source? Maybe this happens when you are in a quiet room, or when you are starting to feel bored? When this happens, it can often be caused by tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a condition where the passages between your ear canal and your brain’s auditory cortex do not receive the signals that they are expecting. This can cause your auditory nerve to stimulate sound to your brain’s neurons, even if you are in complete silence.

Preparing For Hearing Loss When You Have Meniere's Disease

Meniere’s Disease is a disorder of the inner ear that may affect balance, hearing and cause Tinnitus and/or a feeling of fullness in the ear.

Hearing loss caused by Meniere’s Disease can come and go, usually as a result of shifting fluid levels in the ear. Over time, the pressure created by the fluid can cause irreversible damage to the inner ear, leading to a permanent loss in hearing.

What is Lipreading?

Lipreading involves looking for visual cues on the mouth, such as lip, tongue and jaw movements to identify speech.

The Benefits of Lipreading

Lipreading helps you feel more comfortable interacting in social situations because it allows you to understand speech without having to rely on your ears to pick up every sound.

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