Here are 14 tips on how to live successfully with reduced hearing so you may start enjoying the many benefits of better hearing.

1. Recognize that you are having difficulty and the importance of improving your hearing and your life

2. Stay motivated to hear better

3. Have the support and understanding of family and friends. You can also reach out to your local CHHA or HLAA chapter/branch

4. Understand your own communication needs

5. Be knowledgeable about your hearing and hearing aids

6. Recognize that by treating your hearing, you are not just helping yourself, but also your relationships with others

7. Have realistic expectations of what your hearing aids will and will not do

14 tips. Knowledge, utilize all, stay motivated, educate, support, relationship, ask, mainentance & care, positivity, expectations, recognize, wear two, needs, and time.

8. Give yourself time to adjust

9. Hearing aids require regular maintenance and care in order to function well

10. Educate your family, friends & co-workers about communicating with someone who has hearing loss. Don’t forget to also educate yourself about hearing loss, and ways to make communication easier. 

For example, Read Our Lips, an online lipreading course can help you communicate more confidently.

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11. Ask and re-ask questions

12. Wear two hearing aids if you need them

13. Utilize all the resources at your disposal (speech reading, online lipreading course,  hearing assistive technology, hearing care professionals, communication strategies, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Programs & Services)

14. Have a positive attitude!

My advice to anyone who is worried about their hearing is to have a hearing test to confirm their decreased hearing.  

Consult with a hearing professional, learn about your options, and decide for yourself what would be best for you 

– Elaine


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