The Benefits of Lipreading

Lipreading helps people understand more speech by watching for and identifying mouth movements that are associated with speech.

Being able to see speech helps people communicate better, especially in challenging listening environments like when there is background noise. 

Improving Your Everyday Life

On monday morning Sarah asked her coworker if they did anything fun over the weekend. Sarah heard "I took my blank to the blank yesterday". By lipreading, Sarah could identify the words she missed by watching her coworkers lips. "I took my dog to the park yesterday."

Like Sarah's situation above, lipreading helps people comprehend speech more clearly and connect to more conversations. 

We can use hearing assistive technology and what hearing we have available to help us understand speech, but sometimes it's hard to catch every word a person says. 

Lipreading is a tool that can help you fill in the blanks and pick up more words and make it easier to process what someone is saying.Picture of a mouth and ear with letters jumbled around it.Lipreading helps you feel more comfortable interacting in social situations because it allows you to understand speech without having to rely on your ears to pick up every sound.


Lipreading can boost your confidence.

Improving your lipreading skills can help you understand more speech giving you the opportunity to connect and engage with more conversations.

Learning and building your lipreading skills can enhance your listening skills and help you feel confident that you are able to successfully contribute to conversations. 

Lipreading can help you interact with others, improve your communication skills, and help remove feelings of isolation as a result of living with hearing challenges. 

Lipreading is a tool for those with or without hearing loss. 

Lipreading comes with the benefit of learning about how to manage hearing challenges present in your everyday life. 

It's very common to feel uncomfortable when talking about and communicating your hearing challenges to others. Learning to lipread is a soft approach to managing these challenges and a way to help yourself feel more comfortable with the hearing challenges present in your life. 

Although learning to lipread is about understanding more speech, it's also about ensuring you feel comfortable talking about and telling others about the challenges you're experiencing. You're allowed to be assertive and comfortable with asking people to repeat what they've said and making sure your hearing needs are met.


Lipreading can help you feel more in control. 

Knowing how to lipread gives you the opportunity to have more control in certain listening environments. 

Feeling more in control of your hearing challenges can help you feel more connected to those around you. Good communication is an important part of building relationships and lipreading can help with that. By improving your communication skills you can more effectively connect with others

Lipreading is knowledge and knowledge is power. Lipreading courses like Read Our Lips teach you how to identify and watch for speech movements on the mouth and how to manage and adapt to different listening environments. These skills can help you minimize the effects of hearing challenges and increase effective communication.


Lipreading can help you be more independent.

Lipreading allows you to manage communication more independently and can impact how well you understand conversations. 

Lipreading is also a tool that can help reduce the likelihood of feeling isolated or left out. As you learn how to understand more speech you will be able to do more things on your own with less difficulty and less reliance on others to hear for you.

Learning to lipread has proven to be beneficial for many people of all ages and backgrounds. Lipreading is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect, but the more you learn the more you can benefit! 

Read Our Lips is here to guide and support you on your lipreading journey. Jump right into learning and practicing today - we're giving you the first lesson for free to get you started!


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