Improving Confidence With Lipreading

This is the third week in a row that Jessica hasn’t shown up for book club. 

“Did we say something wrong that might have upset her?”

“Maybe she is sick.”

Jessica's friends, Karen and Cheryl, are worried because Jessica always loves chatting about the latest book over coffee. 

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That afternoon, Karen and Cheryl decided to call her. Jessica was embarrassed, but she knew that she should tell them the truth. 

“My hearing isn't what it used to be. I feel like I'm always asking you to repeat yourselves. Sometimes I don’t even know what the topic is.” 

Jessica felt isolated and disconnected from her friends because of her hearing challenges.

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Karen and Cheryl wished Jessica had said something sooner. They recommended Read Our Lips, an online course that teaches you how to start reading lips by watching and identifying lip movements. 

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Jessica now lipreads to fill in the blanks.  It helps her to understand words that she can't hear. Jessica’s friends are delighted that she’s back to attending the book club. 

“I can hardly believe how confident Jessica is since she learned how to lipread, she’s chatting more than ever!”

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