Strengthening Relationships With Lipreading

Beth, Dan's wife, keeps telling him how frustrated she feels having to repeat things all the time. Dan is embarrassed and has been talking to her less. He misses the silly jokes Beth would make while chatting over dinner and wishes things didn't sound so muffled now. Because of his hearing loss, Dan has lost his sense of confidence and has withdrawn from social conversations.

I Think My Loved One Has Hearing Loss... Now What?

While browsing online for resources for his hearing loss, Dan discovered that learning how to lipread can help improve communication and strengthen relationships. Dan told his wife about Read Our Lips, an online lipreading course. Dan and Beth couldn't wait to start developing their skills. They both think that practicing lip movements together is a great way to share quality time after a busy day at work. 

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Now that they've both completed the course, the couple's relationship is stronger. Not only have they learned a new skill that will aid their conversation, but they were able to spend more time together.

Dan feels more confident with his hearing loss now that he has learned to lipread. Instead of having to ask Beth to repeat what she has said, he is able to fill in the blanks by reading her lips. 

By learning to lipread with Beth, Dan also feels more confident in conversations with others, such as when ordering at restaurants and checking out at the grocery store. Lipreading has allowed Dan to become more confident in all areas of his life.

"I’m so happy to feel closer to Beth and I enjoy practicing with her when we go out for dinner, or to coffee shops" – Dan

Although Beth doesn't have hearing loss, learning how to lipread has been very beneficial for her. She now understands Dan's hearing loss better and makes her speech more visually accessible to him. 

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