The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Newfoundland and Labrador (CHHA-NL) is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to promoting a better quality of life for hard of hearing and late- deafened people of all ages. Our programs and services are available province-wide.

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Safe & Sound

A free program for Grade 4 teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador. This curriculum resource was designed to supplement the Science unit on sound and hearing. The program covers sound terminology, ear anatomy, how we hear sounds, what hearing loss sounds like and many other topics.

This program is also available in French.



This online course platform provides ARC participants with an opportunity to watch recorded workshops that they were not able to attend live. To get points for an activity, simply watch the recordings and complete a quiz.

Listen & Learn

An educational program for families and educators of young children with hearing loss. It is designed to empower them to create a language-rich environment, which helps the children learn to listen, talk, and flourish!

Lipreading Programs

Read Our Lips
The Read Our Lips online learning program is created by experienced speechreading instructors to help you practice key movements of the mouth and lips. Perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their skills at home.
Skills Practice
Are you an experienced lipreader or just looking to practice your skills? Then this learning program is perfect for you! It includes more practice exercises to keep building your lipreading skills.


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