Did you know lipreading is a skill that can be learned?

A lot of people are surprised to know they can learn. No matter your background, age, or location in the world, Read Our Lips can support you on your lipreading journey. 

The Read Our Lips course starts with the most simple lip movements associated with speech through interactive video lessons.

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning to Lipread

1. Build Confidence 

Lipreading involves taking charge of a situation and picking up on a variety of cues. Lipreading allows people to feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. Also, when someone knows that they are not missing out on a conversation, they will automatically feel more confident.


2. Improve Relationships 

By learning how to lipread, many people can reconnect with their family and friends as they can communicate more effectively, without fear of missing out. For those who do not have hearing loss, it's a great way to improve your understanding and improve your communication skills.

Read Dan's Story below for more information on how lipreading can strengthen your relationships!

Dan's Story

Strengthening Relationships With Lipreading

3. Be Independent 

Independence is a big part of lipreading for many of the people who learn it. By learning how to fill in the gaps of speech, people feel as though they are no longer reliant on others to ensure they can participate in everyday conversation. This means they can get back to the things they enjoy doing without the fear of missing out.


4. Help Your Technology 

Those who use hearing assistive technology often find that although it helps, there can still be gaps in coherency. Lipreading helps to fill in the blanks that your technology may have missed, making it easier for you to communicate.


Joan's Story

Increasing Independence With Lipreading


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