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Meet Ashley - the program facilitator

  • Ashley Bonnell

    Program Facilitator

    Ashley Bonnell

    Currently, Ashley is the Facilitator of the ARC Achievement Program. Ashley has been working with the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - NL for over 5 years in various capacities, and is, herself, a student with hearing loss.

    Fun Facts, Ashley...
    Was born in Manitoba.
    Is a Business Administration student.
    Has 3 cats (Poe, Toast and Luna).
    Has high-pitched hearing loss.
    Wears two hearing aids.

Learn more about the program

  • Who can register for the program?

    This program is open to hard-of-hearing youth in grades 10-12 who live in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • Are there any incentives for completing the program?

    The most significant and exciting incentive to completing the ARC Program is a $500 monetary award for each successfully completed year of the program, up to $1500 total.

    Completing required activities in the program allows participants to earn points to advance to the next level - bronze, silver, and gold. At the end of each year, students receive a certificate of completion.

    When the participant graduates from high school, monetary awards are presented in the form of a check. It pays to enroll early: students who register in grade 10 and complete all three levels of the program are eligible to receive the maximum award of $1500. Those who register in grade 12 are only able to complete one level of the program before graduation and are only eligible for a $500 award.

  • What does ARC Stand for?

    ADVOCACY: developing skills that enable participants to advocate for their hearing needs. Teaching hard-of-hearing youths how to advocate for themselves boosts their confidence and self-esteem and empowers them to effect positive change in their lives and communities.

    READINESS: preparing youths for the future and teaching them valuable skills, whether they pursue post-secondary education or enter the workforce after high school. Topics include employment skills, study skills, budgeting skills, and money management.

    CONNECTIONS: this program aims to bring together hard-of-hearing youths so that they can build connections with people who understand what it's like to have hearing loss. It educates participants about the resources and supports available in their communities.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the ARC Program!
    • What is the ARC Program?
    • ARC Program Incentives
    • Do We Have Live Meetings?
    • Who is the Facilitator?
  • 2
    ARC 2022-2023: Recorded Sessions
    • Welcome Session 2022-2023
    • Quiz: Welcome Session 2022-2023
    • ARC 2022: FOMO, Hearing is Hard
    • Quiz: FOMO, Hearing is Hard
    • ARC 2022: Dr. Mykhaylo Evstigneev and the History of the Ukraine
    • Written Response: History of the Ukraine
    • ARC 2022: Speaking Made Easy
    • Quiz: Speaking Made Easy
    • ARC 2023: Jumpstarting Your After-School Career
    • Quiz: Jumpstarting Your After-School Career
  • 3
    Elective Activities
    • Advocacy: Hearing Loss Story Activity
    • Advocacy: Hearing Loss Awareness Activities
    • Advocacy: Explore Hearing Assistive Devices
    • Advocacy: Community Accessibility
    • Readiness: Explore Hobbies and Interests
    • Readiness: Learn to Lip Read
    • Readiness: Mindfulness Activities
    • Connections: Hearing Loss Role Models
  • 4
    ARC 2021-2022: Recorded Sessions
    • Video: Planned Parenthood Session Recording
    • Quiz: Planned Parenthood Session
    • Video: Session Recording
    • Quiz: Session
    • Video: Hearing Loss Presentation
    • Quiz: Hearing Loss Presentation
    • Video: Resume Building Workshop
    • Quiz: Resume Building Workshop
    • Video: Budgeting Workshop
    • Questions: Budgeting Workshop
    • Video: Post-Secondary Preparedness Workshop
    • Post-Secondary Preparedness Workshop Quiz